EQX Asia Sdn Bhd is a part of the EQX group of companies that has business interests in IT, industrial materials and chemicals. EQX Asia Sdn Bhd spearheads the ERP and IT division of the group.

EQX Asia provides software, consulting and IT implementation to improve processes, provide greater efficiency and give clear competitive to clients.

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Our services and solutions aim to provide the ultimate comfort in any given environment, be it home, office or industry. From troubleshooting a wide variety of problems to setting up your computer network, our broad range of services will fit your needs.

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~~ Software ~~
    Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS)
    Barcoding System
    Info ERP LN
    Multilevel Marketing Software (MLM)
~~ Hardware ~~
    Printer & Scanner
    Computer Accessories
~~ Web Application~~
    Web Hosting
    Web Creation
    E-membership & Point System

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Recognized as Regional Sourcing and Marketing Partner

To Develop A Competitive Advantage Through Efficiency and To Cut Down Lead Time In Sourcing and Marketing Activities